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Jul 2014

The Honey-Do List

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Ahhh summer…  Barbeques and pool parties abound. The biggest weekend decision you have to make is chill by your pool or the neighbors?

But wait, you accepted that new job and have to report for duty ASAP!

Sure you knew it was coming so the house was already on the market and maybe even sold quickly, but still, there are a handful of things to consider when leaving your spouse in charge of moving preparations.

First & foremost, remember you will be away & your spouse will have the brunt of work on their shoulders to get ready for the move all while juggling kids, carpools, work, grocery shopping, packing, etc., you get my point!

The last things they need to worry about are the things that the mover can’t do for you. Enter stage right: the “Honey-Do” list.

I’ll make it simple for you. There are a few things that movers won’t be able to do for you either for safety or liability reasons. In some instances we can make arrangements for a third party to come into your home but this comes at an additional cost and who’s not for saving a little money?

Who’s got a man cave? Flat screen on the wall, projector, speakers & oh, a half a dozen components all need to be disconnected ahead of time. My guess is your spouse doesn’t have the time. With all those wires it can be confusing for your mover to do so as well. Before you leave, or on a weekend trip home, spend the time to disconnect everything. Neatly bundle the wires and mark them accordingly so you can reconnect everything in the new house with ease.

What about stuff in a pull-down attic? This one is a biggy. For the safety of the men in your home the crew will not be able to climb up there & remove your belongings. We don’t want anyone to get hurt or your house to be damaged. The last thing you need is a foot through the ceiling two days before your walk through and closing.

Likewise, anything that needs to be removed from a wall or ceiling such as curtain rods or lighting fixtures should also be done in advance for the same reason. Remember there are electricians for a reason- always be safe!

Last but not least, appliances. All major appliances should be disconnected ahead of time: washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators with icemakers all need to be serviced accordingly. If it’s a frontload washer you’ll need the pin-lock kit to stabilize the drum. If it’s a gas dryer you’ll likely need to call your gas provider. Icemakers need the water lines episode choose your story hack turned off & secured to prevent any leaking.

Talk to Arpin about your options and pricing menus if you don’t feel comfortable tackling these items on the list. Then talk to a jeweler about a nice gift for your spouse for dealing with all this while you’re out of town!

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